The Enneagram: A Powerful Tool for Personal Liberation

  • Do you want to more deeply understand your own personality and others’?
  • Would you like clarity about your true desires and motivations?  To be able to see your personality strengths and your unique spiritual genius with crystal clarity?
  • Do you seek liberation from underlying feelings of anger, fear, or shame or habitual patterns of reactivity that you know are self-defeating?
  • Do you want greater ease, clarity, joy and fulfillment in your personal and professional life?

Then you’ll want to join me for a deep dive into learning the Enneagram – an ancient, powerful, and dynamic personality-type system for working with psychological and spiritual development.

Why are we so drawn to babies? 

Because they are simply inborn temperament and pure Essence qualities.  They embody the qualities of divine consciousness we seek such as unity, being-ness, goodness, love, sweetness, glory, mystery, being fully in the present moment, clarity, and joy among others and we long to reconnect with such qualities.

We too had these qualities as infants, but by the time we’re 3-4 years old, we’re busy taking in parental messages.  In that process, Essence contracts into a type or personality structure, which provides us an ego strategy to deal with that which is too painful for us emotionally, too much to bear.  As we develop our strategies, our essential qualities recede into the background.

What the Enneagram offers us is the gift of awakeness by providing a map of consciousness and personality.  As we are increasingly able to observe our psychological and type patterns in real time, we are then able to relax  out of our habitual form of reactivity into Presence.  This allows our type structure to loosen, freeing our essential qualities and our best selves to shine.  This map helps us get clear about our limiting personality patterns, and also shows us our spiritual genius and gifts. With that clarity, we then have the courage to let go of old outmoded personality behaviors.

What you’ll learn in this study group:

  • The nine personality types and ego strategies to ensure a good life.
  • How and when you are hostage to them in ways that are harmful to yourself or other or  both.
  • Recognition of the driving emotions, habits of mind, and patterns of attention that drive each of the nine types.
  • The nine levels of development or health that give us a way to customize our own development based on our type
  • The Essence qualities that are the spiritual genius of your own and others’ types which you can expect to attain as you engage in the inner work of your type.

This workshop will start with an overview followed by an in-depth discussion of each of the nine types.  The workshop will integrate presentation of material, exercises, and discussion. Prior to the workshop you will receive access to a free and/or inexpensive self-assessment to determine your own type. 

What you will gain from the workshop:

–       Awareness and knowledge of the nine personality types and the qualities of consciousness available to all of us

–       Practice in self-observation leading to greater awareness and understanding of self and others

–       Increased ability to relax into reality with compassion and presence

–       Insight into self-defeating characterologic and spiritual traps

–       Awareness of your personal disintegration and integration patterns

–       Greater self-acceptance and mastery of your psychological and spiritual talents

–       A healthy sense of self, nourished with compassion and appreciation

–       More peace, joy, balance and integration

Workshop Details:

Location:  Cuenca (details to follow)

Time:  Week-end: Friday evening, 6:30 -9:00pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am – 6:00pm; 3-hour closing session on Thursday, Sept. 3

Dates:  August 28 – 30, 2015 and September 3

Registration:  Once your payment is processed, you will receive confirmation of your registration along class information and a link to access a free online self-assessment

Fee:  $140.00 

Optional add-on:  1:1 coaching session $50 (value of $150)

Payment Method:  Paypal or Credit Card via Paypal

Final Step for Registration:  Please send an RSVP email to confirm your attendance to  In the email include your current email address and a contact phone number. I have discovered that sometimes email addresses in Paypal accounts are no longer active in which case I have no way of contacting you with further information. Thank you!  Questions?  Feel free to contact me!
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