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ColoradoPath-Seeking after wholeness is the spiritual warrior’s quest.

In the Shambhala Zen tradition, the spiritual warrior is one who sees into the heart of the matter, who discerns what is needed, who focuses intention and brings to bear spiritual, mental, and emotional resources in order to shift physical reality.

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant, finding yourself repeating non-productive behaviors?

Having a hard time recovering from a loss?

Do you yearn for a breakthrough, for new clarity in thought, word, or deed?

Are you sensing that now is the time for a new beginning of some kind? 

If so, then you may be in the perfect place to benefit from a change catalyst.

At the heart of my work– which encompasses coaching, counseling, guiding, teaching and  consulting – I am a change catalyst and guide who works with those seeking health, wholeness, purpose, and greater fulfillment.

Most of the time, change requires a period of self-discovery – a peeling back of the onion so to speak – for deeper self-knowledge and awareness.  Although a never-ending life process, you can accelerate this process with the help of a catalyst.

What often makes change difficult or unappealing is that it also requires a period of transition. Transitions take time – and often longer than we’d like.  They have multiple stages that must be navigated in order to successfully make a change.  Throughout this period, we typically experience a myriad of emotions and states ranging from fear, confusion, doubt, discontent, dissatisfaction, lack of meaning, curiosity, longing, desire and excitement.  It’s easy to get stuck in the emotions or feel like it’s simply more than you want to take on.

But the great news is that all these states indicate a spark of life simply waiting to be catalyzed into some new form, some new meaning, some new life.

However, to ignite the spark and bring forth something new, different or better typically requires taking some action which brings new information into your system.  Providing new information and new perspectives is what I do as a catalyst, coach, counselor and facilitator.

My Approach and Style

With my varied background as a massage therapist, healer, physician/psychiatrist, and professional coach, my approach to health, healing, growth and well being is integrative and multi-dimensional.  I utilize everything from skillful questions, challenges, support, ideas, and sharing of resources to use of personality assessments and wisdom tools such as the Runes, the Enneagram, and astrology.

My intention in co-creating change with clients is one of self-discovery, deeper self-acceptance, creativity, renewed vitality and transformation.  For most of us, change does not come easily.  And too often we get trapped in the notion that we can or have to figure it out ourselves.  I speak from personal experience!  Yet why not make it easier?

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably someone who’s committed to a path of growth.  But if you find yourself stuck, discouraged, confused or simply wanting someone to share and deepen your self-discovery, I invite you to contact me.  No matter where you are in your journey, I will both support and challenge you in creating your path forward, clearing it or building it as the case may be.

And yes, you can figure it out for yourself (probably), but if you want to accelerate your growth, happiness, and success, then partnering with someone who has expertise in facilitating change and growth is the way to go.

If you sense in your heart of hearts that you could use some guidance and support to initiate or expedite some change you’re seeking, I always give a free initial consultation to see if I can in fact help you.  If not, I may be able to offer you other resources that fit the bill.

Contact me to set up a time to chat, by Skype or by phone (I have a no-charge direct dial to and from U.S. and Canadian numbers)

What kind of change are you looking for?

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