As I discover what I think are valuable resources pertaining to moving abroad and expatriation, Ecuador, anti-aging, consciousness, and personal development, I’ll post them here. Check them out as I am both an assiduous resource detector and very discerning!

 Ecuador Accommodations – some places we have stayed that we are happy to recommend.



   Puerto Lopez


Ecuador Information and Resource Sites:

– Facebook “Ecuador Expats” page – there are many Ecuador FB pages, but this is a great one for all kinds of information and perspectives about Ecuador

– Facebook “Expat Women of Ecuador “page – another helpful and supportive page for and by women – This is an invaluable resource if you are thinking of moving to Ecuador and Cuenca specifically.  Here expats, expats-to-be, and Ecuadorians post rentals, things for sale, inquiries about anything you can imagine, and recommendations on everything from hairdressers to furniture makers to doctors and lawyers.  You can also subscribe and receiving a daily email summarizing the new posts and inquiries.


Enneagram Institute – This site provides a wealth of information about the Enneagram, including assessments you can take to determine your enneagram type.  There is a free version as well as a more extensive paid version which may give you a more precise ranking of your preference.

SturdiBag Pet Carrier

After researching soft pet carriers that would accommodate our rather large cats (13 and 16 pounds respectively), I have found what seems to be the best and most versatile carrier given that the large size will cary an animal up to 20 pounds and  should adapt to various airline specifications for flying with your pet under the seat in the cabin.  The dimensions of the large size carrier are 18′ long x 12″ wide by 12″ high (at full expansion).  The carrier itself weighs only 2.5 pounds. The unique feature that makes this carrier so versatile and SO well-designed is that the top is framed by flexible tubing which is “squishable” and so can fit under most if not all airline seats, a major concern as American Airlines specifies the carrier height be no more than 9″ high, and the total weight of the animal and carrier no more than 20 pounds.  Now that I’ve actually handled the carrier I can attest to the fact that it is also well-made.  If you google Sturdibag Pet Carrier, you’ll find multiple vendors who sell it for varying prices, although if you have Amazon Prime you can also get it with no shipping charge.