Assessments for Personal Development

Personal development assessments are a great way to quickly gain new insights into what makes you tick – your preferences, strengths, talents, and motivators as well as what you don’t do well, potential pitfalls, and what demotivates you.

Typically, my clients find that the information they gain from assessments is validating at the very least.  Beyond that, these assessments offer increased self-knowledge through which you can build on your strengths and better manage your weaknesses; lenses and perspectives for understanding others so that you are better able to understand and deal with relationships and situations that may be difficult or problematic.

In general, you gain knowledge that enables you to make better choices both in your personal and work lives.  I highly recommend one or more of theses assessments for couples who want to better understand each other and develop more effective strategies for communication.

I offer assessment insight packages which include one or more assessment and an Insight Review Session (minimum of one).  These are available for both individuals and couples.

 The Assessments:

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – the most widely used personality instrument in the world.  Gives insight into how you prefer to manage energy, take in information, make decisions, and your preference for planning versus flexibility and spontaneity.
  • The Reiss Motivator Profile – an assessment that gives you your unique profile based on 16 intrinsic motivators
  • The Enneagram – another personality typology that has evolved over more than one hundred years, which identifies 9 approaches to understanding personality, the ways in which we are hypnotized by our personalities and the attributes we manifest when we escape the illusions of our personalities.