Teaching English

Do you want to be able to communicate more effectively in English?  Or does your work or company require that you be able to converse in English?

We all now live in a globalizing world, and even though you may live in your native country, you may need to be able to communicate in English.  Believe it or not, you don’t need years of study to become an effective communicator in English.

As a business and leadership coach, much of my work has focused on effective communication.  I also love language, and helping folks with their presentation skills so they can communicate their message and also a full sense of presence.  Not only do your words matter, but also your body language, your tone of voice, and the degree of relaxation and confidence you embody.

Customized Classes Based on Your Needs

I offer instruction and tutoring in English, with a focus on helping you find your authentic voice in English. While I enjoy teaching anyone who wants to improve their English, I specialize in Business English and Medical English because I have worked as a business coach in the business world for 14 years, and also worked as a physician for 12 years.

My Approach

I teach private classes for individuals and groups.  My preferred approach is to customize the class based on your particular situation and needs.  If you’re a medical professional, I will help you with medical vocabulary and typical medical situations.  If you need to learn vocabulary for your job as a manager or leader in a company, we can practice and role play business situations, so you become fluent in “Business English.”
My primary method of teaching is to have conversations with you, so that you begin to feel more confident and relaxed when speaking English.  This is what’s most important – more than having an extensive vocabulary or the exact grammar.  However, we can focus on grammar and vocabulary as you need it.  I bring all my experience in personal and professional development to you as part of the teaching process in helping you become more comfortable and effective in English.

Consultation Wherever You Are

Contact me for an initial free consultation using Skype so we can discuss a possible course of instruction to meet your needs.